Dr. Shamrock


"Dr. Shamrock is brilliant, almost as good as An Angry Lady Who Hates Her Baby! Dr. Shamrock and Nurse Gilda are the greatest comedic duo ever to appear in medical-related comics. If a spin-off series of THE SIMPSONS was produced starring similarly-inept M.D., Dr. Nick, it's unlikely it would be as funny as DR. SHAMROCK. As Dr. Shamrock would say, "buh-YOWZA!"

Chris Crosby, Superosity

"Y'know, I thought I'd never be saying this, but I kinda like Dr. Shamrock. It's nice and readable. See what you can do when you get away from gross-out humor?"

Terrence Marks, Unlike Minerva

"Ah! Just what the doctor ordered... A weekly dose of Dr. Shamrock."
[NOTE: He doesn't really mean that. -SEK]

Gavin Chafin, Down To Earth

"...You're the Ed Wood of comic strips..."

Rubberoom, College Roomies From Hell!

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